Pinetree Recipes: Homemade Applesauce & Ground Cherry Jam + Chutney – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Autumn here in the Northern states is kind of a big deal. Not only do we enjoy the foliage turning a menagerie of flaming colors, we are also blessed with an abundance of one of America’s favorite fruits… apples! Homemade applesauce is a no-brainer around here.

This simple recipe, provided by our employee Lorrie, is easy enough to make with your children as a great weekend activity, or just to do for yourself as a quick preserving method!

Select a good mixture of apples with different textures and flavor ranges. This recipe does not call for a certain amount of apples, so only pick as many as you’d like to cook!

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How to: Planting Your Hard Neck Garlic Bulbs in the Fall – Pinetree Garden Seeds

By the time November rolls around here in the North, our gardens have been cleared out, neatened up and prepped for a long winter rest. Something else you can do in preparation (or longing) for spring is to plant hard neck garlic bulbs before the ground freezes over. Hard neck garlic requires a “sleep” period of sorts after setting it’s roots in order to be able to produce in the spring.EEC_1118 - low

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Tips & Tricks: 18 Fabulous Uses for Citrus Peels! – Pinetree Garden Seeds


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Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit… the possibilities with the vast array of citrus available to us are endless. Most varieties of citrus are versatile, natural options for cleaning, beauty, cooking and much more. Aside from their great scents and tastes, these wonderful fruits also have amazing antibacterial properties. They are also perfect for natural beauty care with their skin brightening properties. With their high concentration of acids, citrus make disinfecting, cleaning and brightening your kitchen or bathroom a breeze!

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Grow up, not out… Our favorite vertical gardening ideas! – Pinetree Garden Seeds


A lot of would-be gardeners are convinced that they don’t have space for the big, luscious garden of their dreams… but there are many alternatives to sprawling rows of flowers and vegetables! Container gardening is one option, especially for those in urban settings, but there is also vertical gardening! Essentially, you are growing your vegetables up, not out, by training them to climb a structure or by planting them in a vertical container. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite vertical gardening ideas for your use! Also, be sure to check out our Container/Urban Gardening Pinterest board for container gardening ideas!

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Beautiful but Deadly: Poisonous Wild Flowers to Avoid! – Pinetree Garden Seeds


A favorite past time of many gardeners and non-gardeners alike is strolling through fields and forest paths of wild flowers. Speaking from experience, the effect of wading through hip-high fields of grass and flowers is very calming and uplifting. Unfortunately, as it is with most things… there are a few of these natural beauties that you will want to avoid due to their toxic and poisonous components.

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