Veggie Gold: The universal flavor favorite… Cucumbers!


Aside from being one of the most popular vegetables for consuming… cucumbers are also a very versatile in many other areas, such as body care and home remedies. The cucumber is originally from India, but has now spread to almost every other continent and is readily available in multiple shapes, sizes and colors.

They are noted as being consumed as early as ancient Thrace, and the legend of Gilgamesh. It has since been discovered that cucumbers are threaded throughout history, and have quite the line of development as far as varieties. Today we use four general terms to describe the different varieties of cucumbers: Slicing (best for eating fresh), Pickling (best for pickling), Burpless (generally mild and easy to digest) and Armenian (close to a class of melons than cucumbers). There are several other catagories under these four varieties, but in general every cucumber will fall under at least one of the four.

Upon being brought to America by Columbus, cucumbers were widely planted and consumed until the 18th century, when it was speculated that eating uncooked vegetables of any kind would result in a terrible sickness. This way of thinking was reversed in the 19th century, and cucumbers once again took hold.

Below we’ve listed a few of our more popular and unique varieties. In general, cucumbers require full sun and consistent, deep watering, as well as trellising to keep their vines off the ground and promote good airflow. You can use the trellised vines to shade more sensitive veggies, like lettuces, from harsh sun.









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