2015 New Year’s Resolutions for Gardeners! (Beginners and Seasoned Alike) – Pinetree Garden Seeds


It’s that time of year again! You’ll see the blog and Facebook posts floating around about New Years Resolutions… well, have we got some for you! We’ve put together two lists… one for those gardeners who are just starting their gardening journey, and one for those who have been gardening for many years!


For the beginner gardeners:



1. Plant at least one edible plant in your apartment or home. Check out this link and this link for more information about what fruits and veggies you can grow in containers!


2. Swap out one conventionally grown item on your grocery list for organic or home grown. For a list of the most commonly grown genetically modified fruits and veggies (or ‘The Dirty Dozen’), check out this link to see what you should be swapping for organic! Confused about the differences between hybrids, GMOs and heirlooms? Check out this blog post.


3. Grow at least one vegetable crop this year to replace what you’ve been buying at the grocery store.
(tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, beans, etc.)


4. Trade one hour of computer or screen time for one hour of gardening every day. Beginner gardener? Check out this blog post to get started!


5. Start composting with a small bin and work your way up from there. For more information on composting, check out this blog post.


For current gardeners:


1. Make your garden more bee friendly! Check out this blog post for more information!


2. Clean, sharpen and oil your gardening tools. Check out this blog post and this post for more information!


3. Swap out one pest control or fertilizer item for something all-natural. Check out this blog post for more information!


4. Take at least one step towards using less water than you did the year before. Check out this blog post for more information!


5. If you’re mainly a flower gardening, plant something you can eat. If you’re mainly a vegetable gardening, plant something beneficial to the local insects and other wildlife!



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