Trial by Seed: Kicking off our 2015 seed trials with Pansies & Tomatoes! – Pinetree Garden Seeds

It’s that time of year again! We’ve started our 2015 seed trials with pansies and tomatoes this year, with many more new and exciting seeds to come!

Get our tried and true seed starting mediums and pots here; get our seed starting tools here!
20 Row Seedling Flat
Seed Starting Tray
Black Gold Seedling Mix
Propagation Dome
Fiber Peat Flats
Jump Start Grow Light (4′)
Jump Start Grow Light (2′)
Seedling Heat Mat (Large)
Seedling Heat Mat (Small)

Click here to check out our blog post from last year about seed starting for a refresher!

AEC_4668 - low
AEC_4670 - low AEC_4675 - low AEC_4678 - low AEC_4686 - low AEC_4687 - low AEC_4688 - low AEC_4691 - low AEC_4693 - low AEC_4694 - low AEC_4696 - low AEC_4701 - low AEC_4703 - low AEC_4705 - low AEC_4708 - low AEC_4711 - low AEC_4716 - low

Several weeks after the first plantings, we transplanted only the best looking sprouts into new pots!

AEC_5530 - low

AEC_5532 - low AEC_5536 - low AEC_5539 - low AEC_5540 - low AEC_5544 - low AEC_5545 - low AEC_5547 - low AEC_5556 - low AEC_5559 - low AEC_5565 - low AEC_5568 - low AEC_5570 - low
The photo below shows you just how deep those seedling roots can grow in such a short amount of time! The seedling shown is the Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato.
AEC_5572 - low AEC_5574 - low AEC_5575 - low


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