Pinetree Recipes: Roasted Salsify – Pinetree Garden Seeds

After harvesting our crop of Sandwich Island Mammoth Salsify at the end of the gardening season last year, we decided to do a blog on how to cook this interesting root vegetable. It looks similar to a carrot, but the flavor is much different and very complex. Our resident chef, (and the co-owner of Pinetree) Jef, used a method called ‘deglazing’ to roast our harvested salsify.

Deglazing is a cooking technique that utilizes the browned food residue that remains in the bottom of a pan after roasting something, and turns it into a savory sauce. It is comprised of browned sugars, carbohydrates and typically proteins or fats when you are cooking meat. With this salsify, there are obviously no meat fats to brown, so we added butter instead.

Start by washing and peeling your salsify roots.

AEC_3639 - low

Soak the peeled salsify roots into a lemon water mixture to prevent the roots from oxidizing, or turning gray/brown.

AEC_3640 - low AEC_3643 - low AEC_3645 - low

After soaking the roots in the lemon water for a few minutes, chop the roots into bite sized pieces.

AEC_3647 - low

Place them in a skillet or pan on your stove.

AEC_3651 - low

Add 2-3 tablespoons of butter to the pan.

AEC_3653 - low AEC_3654 - low

Add salt and pepper to taste.

AEC_3655 - low

Add about 1/2″-3/4″ of water to the pan.

AEC_3657 - low

Create a cartouche, which is a “round piece of parchment or grease-proof paper that covers the surface of a stew, soup, stock or sauce to reduce evaporation, to prevent a skin from forming and/or to keep components submerged”. To create the cartouche, follow the link above.

AEC_3659 - low AEC_3660 - low AEC_3661 - low

Cook the salsify until the water begins to bubble, and remove the cartouche.

AEC_3662 - low

Add a tablespoon of honey when most of the water has cooked out.

AEC_3664 - low

Add in a couple sprigs of fresh thyme and another tablespoon of butter, if desired.

AEC_3666 - low

When the residue on the bottom of the pan begins to brown, this is when you start the deglazing process. Add a small amount of water to the pan and cook it until the water has evaporated before adding another small amount of water. Repeat this process of adding water, cooking it off and adding more until you have achieved a golden brown sauce that coats the salsify.

AEC_3672 - low AEC_3677 - low AEC_3681 - low

Sweeten with more honey, to taste.

AEC_3685 - low AEC_3694 - low


AEC_3697 - low


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