Trial by Seed: Trial gardens in full swing, plus the last sets of our seed trials going into soil!

Starting new squash varieties

AEC_9140 - low

AEC_9141 - low AEC_9143 - low AEC_9147 - low AEC_9157 - low AEC_9158 - low AEC_9162 - low AEC_9165 - low AEC_9168 - low AEC_9171 - low AEC_9173 - low

Direct sow lettuce

AEC_9177 - low AEC_9178 - low AEC_9181 - low AEC_9182 - low AEC_9184 - low AEC_9185 - low AEC_9193 - low

Radishes and beets coming up!

AEC_9195 - low

AEC_9196 - low


AEC_9198 - low


AEC_9201 - low


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