Trial by Seed: Seedling transplanting begins! Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and more!

Putting in rows for broccoli and cauliflower transplants

AEC_0165 - low

Soil should be crumbly but not dry. Make sure it’s not too compacted, so the roots of your seedlings can stretch and grow!

AEC_0168 - low AEC_0170 - low AEC_0171 - low AEC_0172 - low  AEC_0174 - low

Using our All-Purpose Fertilizer Mix

AEC_0177 - low AEC_0180 - low AEC_0186 - low AEC_0188 - low AEC_0194 - low

Tomato seedlings in the ground, getting their first round of watering on a hot day! The shock of being transplanted can sometimes hurt your seedlings, so be sure to give them plenty of water once they’re in the ground.

AEC_0196 - low AEC_0199 - low AEC_0201 - low AEC_0202 - low AEC_0210 - low AEC_0214 - low AEC_0219 - low AEC_0220 - low AEC_0223 - low AEC_0228 - low

Our trial gardens manager, Jaci, places a few rocks at the bases of her cauliflower, broccoli and tomato seedlings in order to discourage cutworms. You can also use our BioSafe Organic Insect Spray to cutworms and other pests.

AEC_0232 - low


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