Trial by Seed: Tying up Tomato Plants!

A good way to keep up good airflow around your tomato plants is to trellis or tie them up to something! Our trial gardens manager Jaci uses a simple stake and board method; driving wooden posts or stakes into the ground before attaching long, thin boards between each post. Once the framework is up, she ties a string loosely around the tomato plant before stringing it up and tying it to the wood frame.

 AEC_4395 - low

AEC_4397 - low AEC_4398 - low AEC_4399 - low AEC_4400 - low

Make sure that where you tie the string around your plant is loose enough to allow for the growth of the plant.

AEC_4403 - low AEC_4405 - low AEC_4406 - low

You will have to gradually tie up more and more of the plants as they grow larger, fuller and taller. Having good airflow is imperative in the fight against tomato diseases!

What are some of your favorite methods of trellising your tomatoes? Share in the comments section!


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