Featured: Longwoods Alpaca Farm – Pinetree Garden Seeds


New to our knitting supplies this year is Alpaca yarn! Alpaca is a natural fiber, breathable, warmer than wool, durable, hypoallergenic material that does not absorb moisture or odors. Lighter in weight than sheep’s wool while providing warmth and softness, and can be hand washed. Alpaca fiber does not contain lanolin, which is the main irritant in many other natural fibers.

Longwoods Alpacas is a small family operation out of Cumberland who is one of many different farms out of the US who will be providing us with the alpaca yarn we sell. The fine, lightweight yarn is 95% alpaca and 5% wool. Easy to knit with at any skill level, and you can even dye your own colors! Grown and processed in the USA.

K400-K401-K402 Earth Treasures Everyday Luxury Alpaca Yarns

Sandstone, Pumice, and Moonstone yarns are all available for purchase via our website or in our catalog. Request a catalog here.

AEC_4727 - low

AEC_4728 - low

AEC_4729 - low

AEC_4743 - low

AEC_4746 - low

AEC_4747 - low

AEC_4753 - low

AEC_4761 - low

AEC_4763 - low

AEC_4767 - low

AEC_4777 - low

AEC_4784 - low

AEC_4786 - low

AEC_4790 - low

AEC_4793 - low

AEC_4794 - low

AEC_4798 - low

AEC_4800 - low

AEC_4802 - low

AEC_4804 - low

AEC_4805 - low

AEC_4810 - low

AEC_4814 - low

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