Gardening in Fall and Winter: Grow Veggies in 5-Gallon Containers!


Today is a bittersweet day. For us New Englanders, it’s the beginning of the end… The first day of Autumn. We’ve long since kissed summer goodbye and are now anticipating cool days and even chillier nights. Gardens are starting to look a little tired, and it’s just about time to put them to bed! For many gardeners, this is a sad occasion… having to bid our summer gardens goodbye. But this is not the end for many gardeners in warmer areas of the country! In fact, now may be the perfect time to plant cool season crops like carrots, kale, radishes, and more! To make it even easier on you, there’s the option of planting your crops in easy-to-move gallon buckets!

Photo via Pinterest
Photo via Pinterest

Your options are vast if you’re looking for a little bumper crop as we head into cooler weather. Most of these 1, 2, and 3 gallon containers can be found at your local hardware store or gardening center, so pick yourself up some organic soil mix and get started!

Using a 3-5 gallon container, you can accomplish growing the following things:

303 French Breakfast Radish 1 - low

As a side note, it’s a little late for hot temperature crops like tomatoes and peppers. Unfortunately those will have to wait until next season for most people!

Be sure to drill holes in the bottoms of your containers to aide in drainage, and don’t forget to feed & water, like any other type of garden!

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