An Inside Look at Adult Coloring Books! – Pinetree Garden Seeds

All the rage lately are something called adult coloring books! Detailed, intricate drawings that call for a steady hand and a need for colorful artwork; these coloring books are claimed to be a new form of therapy for stressed adults.

AEC_2218 - low

Studies show that coloring or doodling is a way for people to focus and organize their thoughts. It’s an easy task that allows the brain to slow down and process. Coloring also provides an escape of sorts; allowing people to be creative within a certain set of parameters. The linework (pun intended) is already laid down for you; all you have to do is go crazy with color!

kaboompics.com_Top view of colored pencils

Repetitive, hands-on actions are shown to release serotonin, which is responsible for relaxation. As you can see from the below coloring book excerpts, each image is highly detailed with lots of intricate, repetitive patterns. We suggest using colored pencils for these designs, as markers tend to bleed through the paper. The ‘Flowers Coloring Book’ pages are one sided, so you may be able to use markers as long as you place a piece of paper beneath the coloring book page to prevent it from bleeding onto the next design.

AEC_2219 - lowAEC_2220 - lowAEC_2222 - lowAEC_2223 - lowAEC_2225 - low

Most 21st century adults are so used to a multitasking lifestyle that they need something to do when engaged in a mundane activity such as watching television or talking on the phone. Many people like to knit or text on their cell phones while watching television… so coloring in a coloring book isn’t that far off! Our brains are so trained to perform multiple tasks at once that it may be impossible for some people to relax without having multiple tasks to engage in. The patterns and designs in these coloring books are very detailed and intricate, but also repetitive enough to promote a sense of calm.

L101 Animal Kingdom Coloring book - low L103 Flowers Coloring Book - low

Currently we offer two adult coloring books for purchase; Animal Kingdom and the Flowers Coloring Book.


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