Growing Jicama – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Typically, growing jicama in the northeast can be a little difficult. With it’s sweet, crisp flavor and crunchy texture, who wouldn’t want to grow it?

It traditionally grows in Mexico and Central America, requires 6-9 months free of frost, and has a growing season of about 150 days. We’ve decided to try our hand at this year, so you can follow along with our progress! To start off, we’ve implemented two different methods of germination to see which produces the strongest seedlings.

We began by soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours.

AEC_3004 - low

AEC_3007 - low

Our first method of germination is in peat pots with a seed starting mix. These will be placed on a heat mat with a grow light for best results.

AEC_3009 - lowAEC_3010 - lowAEC_3013 - lowAEC_3016 - lowAEC_3022 - lowAEC_3023 - lowAEC_3027 - lowAEC_3029 - low

Our second method of germination is placing the seeds in between wet paper towels.

AEC_3030 - lowAEC_3031 - lowAEC_3032 - lowAEC_3034 - low

Both sets of seeds are placed in side plastic bags to create a greenhouse effect.

AEC_3036 - lowAEC_3037 - lowAEC_3040 - lowAEC_3049 - low

Check back for progress updates!


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