Growing Jicama – February Update – Pinetree Garden Seeds

A brief update on our jicama growing trials! Below we have the seeds that were germinated in paper towels, ready to be planted in seed starting mix.

AEC_3318 - lowAEC_3319 - low

At this point, the seeds that had been started in the soil were just starting to poke up through.

AEC_3374 - lowAEC_3375 - lowAEC_3320 - lowAEC_3322 - lowAEC_3324 - lowAEC_3326 - lowAEC_3328 - low

The week after we planted the paper towel germinated seeds in soil, we checked in again and found that they, along with the soil-started seeds, were poking their heads up! At this point, the soil-started seeds seem to be a little hardier and stronger than the paper towel-started seeds (pictured below).

AEC_3396 - low

The paper towel started seeds (pictured below) may be a little weaker due to the fact that they were started in paper towel, which has no nutrients. The seeds that were started directly in the seed starting mix were allowed nutrients from the very beginning, producing hardier seedlings.

AEC_3405 - low

One thought on “Growing Jicama – February Update – Pinetree Garden Seeds

  1. I like to germinate seeds in paper towels when their harder to start or late (as in there’s space for a few cucumber plants, right now!) and I’m pushing to get them going. I hadn’t considered the nutrient difference though… good to keep that in mind.

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