Trial by Seed + Jicama Update – February 2016 – Pinetree Garden Seeds

First on the list for seed starting this year are onions and eggplant! Next week we’ll be starting our peppers.

Seedling peas getting nice and tall!

AEC_3584 - low

Hibiscus poking up through the soil!

AEC_3585 - lowAEC_3586 - low

Below are our jicama trials. So far, the seeds started in seed starting mix seem to have a head start on the paper towel germinated seeds.

AEC_3588 - low

Paper towel germinated

AEC_3590 - low

Seed starting mix germinated

AEC_3589 - low

Onion starting

AEC_3591 - lowAEC_3592 - lowAEC_3595 - lowAEC_3600 - lowAEC_3601 - lowAEC_3602 - lowAEC_3606 - low

Eggplant starting

AEC_3607 - lowAEC_3612 - lowAEC_3617 - lowAEC_3621 - low

Everything gets set under our grow lights for a nice boost.

AEC_3623 - lowAEC_3624 - low


3 thoughts on “Trial by Seed + Jicama Update – February 2016 – Pinetree Garden Seeds

  1. We noticed the trays that you started the seeds in. Is it possible to buy those trays from you? We have never found those with the long rows/channels. I have been having a hard time getting lettuce started. Everything else is coming up just as your pictures indicate. We now have tomatoes, peppers and many assorted flowers that have already been transplanted to pots. Thanks for your help and the great seed! Barb Bowman

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