Trial by Seed – 3/1/16 – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Our seedling pea is ready for harvest! We like to snip off the tops for use in salads.

AEC_3626 - low

Starting some new pepper trials. Peppers are one of the earliest seeds we start!

AEC_3629 - lowAEC_3630 - lowAEC_3633 - lowAEC_3634 - lowAEC_3636 - lowAEC_3641 - lowAEC_3642 - lowAEC_3644 - lowAEC_3656 - lowAEC_3658 - lowAEC_3660 - low

Jicama looking green and happy!

AEC_3647 - lowAEC_3649 - low

Paper towel germinated

AEC_3651 - low

Seedling mix germinated

AEC_3652 - low

Moonflower! We’re very excited to grow out this variety this year.

AEC_3653 - low

Eggplant seedlings

AEC_3659 - low

Onion seedlings

AEC_3661 - low


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