Trial by Seed – Week of 3/21/16 – Pinetree Garden Seeds

This week we’re trialing some new flower varieties, as well as transplanting pepper and eggplant seedlings. A few of the new flowers we’re looking into picking up are Fireweed, Plume poppy, ‘Ivory Towers’ Joe pye weed, American Mountain Mint, as well as a couple new dahlias, rudbeckias, and coreopsis. We’re also trialing a goji berry variety, a new echinacea, and some ornamental grass!

AEC_3733 - lowAEC_3734 - lowAEC_3735 - lowAEC_3740 - lowAEC_3744 - lowAEC_3746 - low

We’re growing out a few of our own pepper and eggplant varieties for photos, including our Hot Pepper Mix, Kaleidoscope Mix, and the ‘Bride’ eggplant.

AEC_3863 - lowAEC_3865 - lowAEC_3866 - lowAEC_3867 - lowAEC_3869 - lowAEC_3872 - lowAEC_3873 - lowAEC_3875 - lowAEC_3877 - lowAEC_3880 - lowAEC_3885 - lowAEC_3886 - low

Some new pepper varieties that we’re trialing are ‘Iko- Iko’, ‘Padron’,  ‘Yellow Cayenne’,  ‘Corbaci’, and ‘Red Belgium’.

AEC_3888 - lowAEC_3894 - lowAEC_3897 - lowAEC_3898 - lowAEC_3900 - low

Below you’ll see some updates on our cactus/succulent trials! The seedlings are much more visible now.

AEC_3906 - lowAEC_3909 - low

Our Jicama is doing very well! As you can see, where the paper towel germinated seedling was once lagging behind, it seems to have picked up the pace and is now looking hardy and healthy!
AEC_3912 - low


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