Succession Planting – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Are you in need of a massive supply of a veggie that you consume constantly? Do you love salad fresh from the garden, or to have fresh greens in your smoothies? Well, succession planting may be just the thing to keep your fridge stocked and your body happy! Succession planting maximizes your gardens yields and creates a consistent supply of greens for salads/juicing/smoothies, as well as other popular veggies!

AEC_7188 - low

Our trial gardens manager Jaci suggests these veggies for 7 day intervals – starting a small amount at a time:

AEC_8705 - low

The following veggies are perfect for 10- 14 day intervals:

EEC_1738 - low

 The following veggies are perfect for 14-21 day intervals:

The following veggies are perfect for 21-28 day intervals:

You can even start earlier if you have indoor growing space or a green house.

For example, with spinach, chard, beets, or lettuce, Jaci says she would start 4-6  weeks (Early April for those of us in Maine) before the last frost date in small plug trays, and transplant out after the second set of leaves appear. At that time, or within a day or two of it, she would sow seed of the same crops for a succession of these crops directly in the garden. Then she would follow the above succession times and continue seeding these crops in for most of the season, especially when harvesting for baby salad greens.

You can use these same methods for broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Start the seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before your last frost date, and when you plant them outside, sow additional seed directly in the garden. This way you are ensured two solid harvests from your broccoli. Then with another seeding of these crops in early July (for fall harvest), this would make three harvests a season.

EEC_1748 - low

Melons and squash can be started indoors 4-5 weeks before your last frost date, then direct seed an additional crop within a few days of transplanting the first crop.


2 thoughts on “Succession Planting – Pinetree Garden Seeds

  1. Thank you so much for listing the successive plantings by weeks. I was never sure how far apart, and now I have it all at a glance. You do us all such a favor with these helpful hints (to say nothing of your great seeds!). A grateful gardener,

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