Trial by Seed: Pepper transplants, using black plastic, + new variety trials – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Last week we got some new melon, cuke, and squash variety trials going, including ‘Ugly Duckling’ pumpkin, ‘Georgia Candy Roaster’ winter squash, ‘Midnight Lightning’ zucchini, ‘Tahitian Butternut’ winter squash, ‘Cinnamon Girl’ pumpkin, ‘Harvest Moon’ watermelon, and ‘Dragons Egg’ cucumber.

AEC_6569 - lowAEC_6572 - lowAEC_6573 - lowAEC_6574 - lowAEC_6576 - lowAEC_6578 - lowAEC_6580 - low

Our pepper seedlings were ready to go outside, so we seized a moment between spring rain showers to plant outside!

AEC_6690 - lowAEC_6693 - lowAEC_6694 - lowAEC_6695 - lowAEC_6697 - lowAEC_6699 - lowAEC_6702 - lowAEC_6703 - lowAEC_6704 - low

This year we’re also trialing our black plastic mulch with some pepper seedlings to see how they do. To use the black plastic, Jaci uses a knife to either cut a few slits, or she even goes so far as to cut out a circle of plastic before planting the seedling in the revealed soil.

AEC_6705 - lowAEC_6706 - lowAEC_6708 - lowAEC_6711 - lowAEC_6713 - lowAEC_6716 - lowAEC_6721 - lowAEC_6723 - low


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