Trial by Seed: Kicking off our 2015 seed trials with Pansies & Tomatoes! – Pinetree Garden Seeds

It’s that time of year again! We’ve started our 2015 seed trials with pansies and tomatoes this year, with many more new and exciting seeds to come!

Get our tried and true seed starting mediums and pots here; get our seed starting tools here!
20 Row Seedling Flat
Seed Starting Tray
Black Gold Seedling Mix
Propagation Dome
Fiber Peat Flats
Jump Start Grow Light (4′)
Jump Start Grow Light (2′)
Seedling Heat Mat (Large)
Seedling Heat Mat (Small)

Click here to check out our blog post from last year about seed starting for a refresher!

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Pinetree Recipes: Homemade Applesauce & Ground Cherry Jam + Chutney – Pinetree Garden Seeds

Autumn here in the Northern states is kind of a big deal. Not only do we enjoy the foliage turning a menagerie of flaming colors, we are also blessed with an abundance of one of America’s favorite fruits… apples! Homemade applesauce is a no-brainer around here.

This simple recipe, provided by our employee Lorrie, is easy enough to make with your children as a great weekend activity, or just to do for yourself as a quick preserving method!

Select a good mixture of apples with different textures and flavor ranges. This recipe does not call for a certain amount of apples, so only pick as many as you’d like to cook!

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How to: Planting Your Hard Neck Garlic Bulbs in the Fall – Pinetree Garden Seeds

By the time November rolls around here in the North, our gardens have been cleared out, neatened up and prepped for a long winter rest. Something else you can do in preparation (or longing) for spring is to plant hard neck garlic bulbs before the ground freezes over. Hard neck garlic requires a “sleep” period of sorts after setting it’s roots in order to be able to produce in the spring.EEC_1118 - low

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