Fermented Foods: Why They’re So Important


Most times when people hear the word ‘fermented’, they automatically think of something that’s gone bad and is inedible. The reality of it is that lactofermentation is a process for preserving foods that was used long before we had preservatives and the ability to can foods using a process with high heat. Lactofermentation has a very simple list of requirements… water, salt, a jar, and an anaerobic (absent of air) environment! By creating this environment, you are allowing the good bacteria to thrive, and the bad bacteria to be destroyed by the good bacteria!

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Spring Planting: Get Those Spring Plants in the Ground! – Pinetree Garden Seeds

It’s been snowing here in Maine since November, so we’re immersing ourselves in seed ordering and seed starting just to see a glimmer of warmth on the horizon. Something else we’re looking forward to is spring planting (You can read all about how to handle spring plants by following this link)! We’ve picked up several new varieties of spring plants this year, so we put together this blog post to talk about them a little bit.

Our asparagus, fig, garlic, horseradish, ramps, and hops varieties remain the same as last year.

To ensure that you get the varieties you want, place your orders for spring plants by the first week of May! Our spring plants sell out fairly quickly, so it’s best to order as soon as possible.

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